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Skyze the Limit Art is a home based art studio/gallery proprietorship operated business situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).

All commissioned works (in all categories) are subject to a 10% down payment. The remainder of the amount must be paid in full upon completion of the painting. Constant contact with the client by the artist during the progression of the painting, including photos of the painting submitted to the client directly will assure customer satisfaction.

Payment(s) are to be forwarded via the Pay Pal option or cash only. Shipping charges are extra. A fully documented and dated contractual receipt will be issued to the client upon transaction and a ‘paid in full’ receipt given upon collection of payment.

Commissioned works must not, and will not, depict lewd, suggestive content or portray violent/horrific scenes of any sort. Any requests of this type will be politely declined by the artist.

All original paintings are to be sold to the public in an unframed state. Frames and liners are extra. There is a choice of stretched canvas or masonite (fibreboard) painting surfaces available to commissioned clients.

All preconceived works produced by the artist will be made available to the public at 80% the rate of a similarly commissioned work of the same subject/theme.

Giclee Prints of original works are also available to the public and are produced at limited edition quantities. Prices vary based on individual size and content of image produced.

Skyze the Limit Art reserves the ‘copyrights’ to any of its originally created works and the printed images thereof produced. Any purchased works that are duplicated, destroyed, defaced or resold by the purchaser must have the authorized permission by the artist beforehand.


Original paintings, both commissioned and preconceived, are priced according to the individual content illustrated within them and are based solely on the criteria of theme, subject matter and physical dimension.

An easily formulated pricing system allows the budget minded customer the peace of mind in knowing that for every painting that is featured, there will in no way be unsolicited/ inflated prices advertised.

Giclee prints of these original works is also a purchasing option and are available to the public at modestly calculated prices and are based on dimension and individual production run costs.

Skyze the Limit Art would also like to stay in touch with its clients by offering to them an opportunity in ‘becoming part of the process’, as it were, by assisting with the creation of their very own commissioned painting. During certain painting milestone intervals, the artist will send photos of the work in progress to the client and ask for feedback in order to assure 100% customer satisfaction. This approach affords the paying customer an opportunity to take more ownership of his/her work and to be part of the journey…all the way from the preliminary pencil sketch to the final brush stroke.

Canadian War Veterans (identification is highly recommended) and Senior Citizens automatically receive a full 10% discount on all commissioned works!

Sales Tax

Skyze the Limit Art charges Canadian HST on all purchases.
Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) has a rate of 15%.

HST# 81513  2501  RT0001


Nature Scapes

Skyze the Limit Art accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal

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