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Cropped view of painting "Fire Scout", 1997, Skyze the Limit Art, link to full image and description.Cropped view of painting "Steam Train at a Frigid Whistle-stop", 1994, Skyze the Limit Art, link to full image and description.

I'd like to do a little bragging, if allowed.  I happen to own perhaps the best two pieces of art produced by this or any Canadian Artist to date.  You may say I'm boasting but you'll agree once viewing them that I do possess true bragging rights.  No, they are not for sale. I'm sorry, but of all my personal possessions, there are none so dear to me.  Of anything I have acquired in this world in my short stay on this planet, these are truly my favourite items.  Wait until you see them! You'll understand my selfishness.  I would like to extend my best of wishes for this bright intuitive and insightful artist.  He has a way of making the viewer of his gifts both awestruck and left with a feeling of being "in the
moment" of the picture. Maybe I should rephrase that to be "In the Photo".  My helicopter painting reminds me of forest fires here in the BC north that I have had the misfortune to witness.  You can smell the smoke if you let your senses feel the picture. The other of my prides produced by this man will send chills up your spine if you can imagine the temperature surrounding this old train.  I often find people who appreciate good quality art to reiterate these same points.  He not only paints with feeling but has a mystical gift to pass this on to the viewer of his magnificent talent.  Best to you Bluenoser!


Rick Hards
Prince George, B.C.

Skyze the Limit Artist, Len Boyd, holding Icebreaker painting, HMCS LabradorCommander Collis, Elizabeth and HMCS Labrador painting

Skyze the Limit Art completed a very special project for me, a painting of the icebreaker HMCS Labrador circa 1955, which made an historic voyage through the Arctic Northwest Passage.  It is intended as a gift for my father (now in his 80s), who was serving on the ship at the time. Not only is the painting superb, but the whole experience of ordering the painting was engaging.  Len consulted with me, did all the necessary research, and worked with me to achieve the result I wanted.  Plus, I got to see the work in progress – that was really interesting and made me feel part of the project.  Accuracy is very important in this work, and Len obviously knows his stuff. 

The detail is truly impressive.  I’d recommend Skyze the Limit to anyone who is looking for a permanent and beautiful testament to their past and interests.

Off to think about frames!

Commander Collis thank you letter

I recently also commissioned Len Boyd of Skyze the Limit Art to paint a picture of my mother’s childhood home. The process and the final painting exceeded all my expectations. Len considers all kinds of details which I would never dream of checking, including consulting with me on light and shadow; the execution of which really brought the scene to life. There was a time restraint on this project, and Len delivered the painting well within the time limit.

Again, he kept in communication with me and made ME part of the process. I highly recommend Skyze the Limit Art!

Elizabeth Collis

Elizabeth Collis' mother in England showing painting of childhood home.

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