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Current Projects

Works in Progress

Chris Hadfield Commemorative Painting

This 20 x 24 acrylics on stretched canvas is about 80% completed. Once completed, It will serve to honour and commemorate the life time achievements of Commander Chris Hadfield's journey from 1970's Royal Canadian Air Cadet at 820 Milton Squadron Ontario, to a lucrative career with the Royal Canadian Airforce as test pilot and finally as successful astronaut Commanding the International Space Station through NASA. The whole idea behind my choosing this very special project, is to visually inspire our youth to always pursue their dreams, no matter how far out of reach they seem at first. I do hope that this special edition painting conveys the message...:)

Chris Hadfield Commemorative

Vintage Wings of Canada's
RCAF 442 Squadron Mustang

Vintage Wings of Canada's 442 Squadron Mark IV Mustang as seen at Summerside in August of 2012
40 x 50 cm

RCAF 442 Squadron Mustang, Skyze the Limit Art, 2013


Mark IV Mustang

Yellow and Red: Beacon of Hope

CH-113 Labrador SAR chopper scouting the rocky cliffs of British Columbia
40 x 60 cm

Yellow and Blue Beacon of Hope, Skyze the Limit Art, 2013

Winter Thunder
18x24 primed masonite board in Acrylics

Stay tuned for future updates!

Winter Thunder, Skyze the Limit Art, 2013


Winter Thunder, Skyze the Limit Art, 2013








Sun through the Sail (Bluenose II)
16 x 20 stretched canvas

Sun through the Sail, Skyze the Limit Art, 2013Now complete.










80% complete.

Sun through the Sail in progress, Skyze the Limit Art, 2013

Gray Ghost Corsair

Gray Ghost Corsair, Skyze the Limit Art, 2013

Vintage Wings of Canada's  
'Gray Ghost Corsair

16x20 Acrylics on Masonite

About 70% complete...still need to do the wing with a re-positioned roundel, the emblems/graphics, cockpit detail, prop detail, define the profile lines on the landing gear, wheels and all those rivets!

Gray Ghost Corsair, Skyze the Limit Art, 2013 Now completed.







Nature Scapes

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