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Artist Bio

Len Boyd, CEED graduation, Skyze the Limit Art

In the summer of 2011, Len was selected to participate in a provincially sponsored entrepreneurial business development program and just four short months later officially launched his very successful on-line art gallery Skyze the Limit Art …nearly a year to the day of having arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

As a youth, Len’s passion for art began when he saw a short fifteen minute vignette on CBC television showcasing renowned renaissance artists including the famous works of Leonardo DaVinci. The spark had been ignited!

Soon afterwards, Len produced some water-coloured ‘masterpieces’ of his own and eagerly sold them to fellow classmates for quarters and dimes as payment. His teachers and peers encouraged his talents and Len continued his artistic journey until high school graduation.  Unable to afford tuition and relocation to an art college in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Len fine-tuned his self taught painting skills with oils at first, and then switched over to his medium of choice, acrylics.

Painting wasn’t the only passion for Len. Ever since attending his very first airshow in the summer of 1978 at a neighbouring community’s tiny airstrip in the interior of B.C., Len became fascinated with the aesthetic beauty of military aircraft, both on the ground and in the air. Model airplanes and more airshows, in particular the Abbotsford Airshow, consumed much of his life thereafter.

His admiration of these magnificent machines later found their way onto his canvases. Well into his thirties, Len eventually delved into the wondrous world of ‘Aviation Art’, a theme that paved the way to developing his artistic specialization reflected in many of the current works portrayed in his website’s gallery.

Len’s first ‘unofficial’ commissioned painting was that of a B-17G ‘Flying Fortress’, a 16x20 painting he completed for his cousin’s husband in 2005.

Since the late 1990’s Len’s paintings have been given away as gifts, commissioned, donated to charitable events and have been showcased at select galleries, exhibitions and museums in Prince George and in Halifax. The provinces of Saskatchewan and Ontario are additional locations where Len’s works can be found.

Len works out of his home studio/gallery in Hubley, Nova Scotia overlooking scenic Five Island Lake. He lives with his beautiful and tolerant girlfriend Patty along with their three adorable cats…Ty, Sly (RIP) and Ally.

A Note from the Artist

Len Boyd, Skyze the Limit Art, at work paintingHello there! I’m very pleased that you’ve read my mini biography! As resident artist for Skyze the Limit Art, my primary focus is to orchestrate colourful depictions of our proud Canadian military’s heritage. The activities of our distinguished military forces, including those of the Coast Guard, working in unison, be it in a humanitarian, peacekeeping or military role, are the type of ‘stories’ on canvas that I create, illustrating an historic snapshot in time of the crowning achievements of our Canadian Forces dating from the Cold War era to post 9/11 Afghanistan.

Along with these preconceived works, I also create panoramic mountain and seascapes to compliment any living space, as well as commissioned pet and animal portraitures to immortalize your very special friends onto canvas. The portraits are tailored to the customer’s liking and commissioned works in general are created using photographic imagery as references. I also welcome other painting ideas using photographs as reference…because after all…as the name implies…the sky’s the limit!

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the gallery!

Len Boyd

Nature Scapes

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